Artist Endeavor was created to establish a better way to handle the fulfillment process for special projects, album launches and flash sales. A traditional fulfillment house processes orders for many artists at one time, leading to a situation where the value of each artist is measured and weighed against each other to determine priority of service. In the largest fulfillment centers, even a popular artist is a small fish in a big pond.

We wanted to change that template. By only handling campaign based direct-to-fan projects, we are only truly fulfilling for a couple artists at any one time. With this formula, we are able to provide 100% of our attention, love, and care to each artist we work with to ensure the maximum level of detail possible. Why be one of many when you can be the one and only?

Through experience working to provide fulfillment and campaign insight for hundreds of bands, artists, films, and charities we have developed the proper set of tools to ensure that our artists are running campaigns that will see maximum return while providing their fans with the ultimate value.

Artist Endeavor is agile. We can work within whatever e-commerce solution that you determine is best for you and we are equipped to handle every nut and bolt of the fulfillment process Рshipping and receiving, customer service, custom notifications, package branding, etc. If you can think  of it, we can do it.

Whether you’ve just reached your Kickstarter goal or you’re releasing an album, managing a flash sale of a new t-shirt or shipping out VIP merchandise, we can help you do it right.